"An expert panel of judges awarded first-prize to Puzzle Piece , a tablet preloaded with visual social stories that families can personalize."

Solve tough obstacles with our 120+ Social Story apps.

We've created stories that will relate to your child to help teach them various real life tasks.

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Personalize your child's learning experience.

It's simple. Your child can take his/her photo and upload it into our social stories. Making it easy and fun to learn valuable social skills.


Your child takes their own photo with the tablet.


Their photo is inserted directly in the Social Stories.


Your child learns new skills while having fun!

Help your child be the best they can be.

Ashley's Story

Hi, My name is Ashley.

I'm from Port Allegany, Pennsylvania. I'm a parent of a child affected by Autism and we are a Puzzle Piece family. Puzzle Piece has helped my child by allowing us to have an affordable tablet to give him tools to learn social stories, play games, and just have fun with it.

We heard about Puzzle Piece from another family affected by Autism that's very close with us and they highly recommended it to us. With the Puzzle Piece tablet my son is so much more vocal, he's opened up, he has so much more eye contact and he's really coming out of his shell .

One voice tablet

Non Verbal Autism Apps

Giving a voice to those who need it most.

OneVoice does less than most augmented communication devices. Why? Because making it easy to use is far more important than making sure it has every possible feature.

Speech Library

Children can contruct sentences or simply one word actions with our complete icon and speech library.

Kid Safe

No more having to worry if your child will download something that you don’t approve of or be subject to offensive content.

40+ Games

There are over 40 ad-free games in the Puzzle Piece library.

Games can be used as rewards and will keep your child engaged for hours.

Game icons

Ad Free

Reward games never have any ads for your child to click on or distractions that pull the child out of the game like typical free apps.

Kid Safe

No more having to worry if your child will download something that you don’t approve of or be subject to offensive content.

No In App Purchases

We never ask for additional purchases at any stage of the game, we keep our system affordable and budget friendly.

100+ Social Story Cartoons

Refinforce the skills children learn in the social story apps.

Fun 1-2 Minute Social Story Cartoons

Teaching your child valuable lessons through fun interactive cartoons.

Always Kid Safe

Never worry about ads or offensive content, just fun, educational cartoons.

Video app

Puzzle Piece Tablet


7" Android tablet.


Front and rear facing cameras for easy picture taking.


Comes with plenty of storage for apps, music and photos.